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Premium is the only paid rank on EarthMC. It helps fund the server and its infrastructure. As thanks for your support, premium gives you several nice benefits. Upgrade to premium now!

  • Queue priority - Move past everyone without premium in queue

  • Double ender chest storage - Normal ender chests have 27 item slots. Get 54 slots with premium.

  • Longer render distance - See more of the beautiful surroundings. Long render distance is resource heavy and therefore exclusive to premium.

  • Mystery crates - Contains random cosmetic rewards. Get 3 mystery crates every month.

  • Early access - Get early access to new servers and features.

  • Golden username - Stand out from the crowd with a golden username in chat.

  • Low latency network - Join using to take advantage of a lower latency network provided by CloudFlare Argo.

  •  Change territory color - You can change territory color on the web map as a nation king with premium. /emcmap nationcolor/nationoutline

  • Discord benefits - Get a pink discord rank and access to premium-only channels.

  • Additional perks - Change username in chat (/nick). Fly in hub (/fly). Use any item as hat (/hat). See when someone was last online (/seen). Hire staff for your shop (/qs staff add). Host parties (/party).

Need any help?  We'd love to hear from you, email us at!

All payments are handled securely by PayPal and Stripe. 


Premium 12 months 69.99 EUR Buy
Premium 3 months 19.99 EUR Buy
Premium 1 month 6.99 EUR Buy